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Bnei Mitzvah

Becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah means becoming the son or daughter of commandment (mitzvah) and it is said that there is no higher mitzvah than tzedakah - translated as "sacred giving" from the Hebrew root for 'justice'. Tzedakah is an obligation to give goods or money to those in need as part of the Jewish people's covenant with God to make the world a more 'just' place. Peace of Mind is an organization dedicated to assisting veterans of the Israel Defense Forces in their journey towards healing the emotional and/or psychological wounds that they incurred as a result of their combat experiences. By donating a portion of your monetary gifts to these brave young men, you are fulfilling the mitzvah of tzedakah and ensuring that our Israeli heroes receive the peace of mind that they so rightly deserve.

Together we will keep those who have defended Israel, strong

If you would like to make Peace of Mind your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah project, the following are some FAQ’s that will answer any questions that you may have:

 What percentage of my monetary gifts should I donate to my chosen charity (Peace of Mind)?

The general rule is 25% - 50%.

How can I let people know how to donate to Peace of Mind?

1. Make the request part of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation by providing the website address:

2. Provide an insert in your invitation that includes more details about POM and your reasons for choosing Peace of Mind as your Bar/Bat Mitzvah project.

Will Peace of Mind provide information that I can distribute to my guests at my Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

We are very happy to provide information cards that can be placed on the tables and that will also explain

that you have chosen to donate a portion of your monetary gifts to Peace of Mind as part of your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah project.

I would like to organize an event in support of Peace of Mind as part of my bar/bat mitzvah project

We would love to help you to come up with a plan for organizing an event in support of POM. Contact our office and we will help you come up with some ideas!

How do I contact Peace of Mind? | 416-433-6617

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