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Dear Peace of Mind family,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to participate in this amazing event!

While you provided a thorough itinerary before the soldiers' arrival, we have to admit to being a bit nervous. We didn't exactly know what was expected of us or what 'our boys', in particular, would be like. But as you already knew, we had nothing tofear. These young men were fantastic! They were charming, polite, thoughtful, funny, and inspiring! They were so grateful for even the smallest things we did for them.

We have so many great memories from our week together but we most appreciated the Soldiers interaction with our children. They showed genuine interest in the lives of our kids, asking questions about their interests and studies. Likewise, the Soldiers honestly answered questions our kids had about their army experiences and general life in Israel. They really became part of our family!

When 'our boys' were invited to my daughter's school for a ceremony to honour them, my daughter felt like a Rock Star with all the special attention they gave her. They brought her up to sit beside them for the presentation, put her on their shoulders for pictures, and insisted on walking her back to her classroom so she could show them off to her friends and teacher.

We hope that this program continues. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know. We would also he happy to host future Soldiers.

Warm regards,

The Toby Family


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