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Metiv: Israel Centre for the Treatment of Psychotrauma (ICTP)

In the aftermath of the Second Lebanese War it became quickly apparent that soldiers of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) both in the standing army and in the reserves were highly exposed to trauma and loss, and that the mental health needs of those serving went virtually unnoticed, unless the situation was catastrophic.

In our effort to identify gaps in services and to provide innovative programming to meet the mental health needs of large segments of the general population we have developed two pilot projects  to help soldiers heal from their experiences of trauma and loss. 

We have begun working with soldiers who have recently completed their compulsory army service as well as reserve soldiers from elite units of the IDF.  In workshop settings combining adventure, the outdoors, and trained facilitators, we are helping soldiers process exposure to trauma and loss in the recent Second Lebanese War, as well as strengthen and expand their resilience based resources.

We are confident that these innovative workshops will open the way to working with the Army and soldiers both current, and past, to process army and war experiences that often go untouched for years, yet continue to impact them in their lives in very significant ways. 

Alon Weltman, Director of Development, Coordinator Peace of Mind Israel
About Us - Director, Israel

Alon Weltman is a Medical psychologist; he began working for Metiv: the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma (ICTP) following therapeutic experience in the field of troubled youth and handicapped outdoor sports. Alon has also worked as a medical psychologist in Hadassah Medical center in Jerusalem. During his time in ICTP Alon has been involved with numerous innovative programs. Such programs include Parents and children coping with the ongoing stress of terror in Sderot and the north of Israel, facilitating youth groups in the peer to peer program, initiating the first of its kind in Israel 'siblings to children with Cancer' program together with the medical unit in the ICTP, and more.

                      Alon is now mainly working with groups of discharged combat IDF soldiers helping them process combat experiences and                           make the transition to civilian life, with the Peace of Mind program. Alon has graduated with his B.A. in Behavioral Sciences                         from the Ben Gurion University and his Masters degree in Medical Psychology from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College. 

Felicia Gopin, Director, Peace of Mind Canada

About Us - Director, Canada

Felicia Gopin is married and has three children.  She graduated with her  Hon. B.A. in English and Bachelor of Education from York University in 1988.  She went on to teach English at Newmarket High School for ten years and then took a dramatic change in her career path by establishing Anjals Construction Inc., building custom homes in Toronto.  In 2011, Felicia was introduced to the Peace of Mind program and began to volunteer her time to the organization.  She quickly recognized the importance of the program and the impact that it had not only on our Israeli heroes, but also on their families and on the families who host them.  In March 2014, Felicia was asked to lead Peace of Mind in Canada                               and very proudly took on the role of Director.  

Tanya Hyams, Executive Assistant, Peace of Mind Canada
About Us - Executive Assistant

Tanya Hyams is married and has two children. She is currently studying Non Profit and Voluntary Management at Ryerson University. She worked in the High Tech Security industry for six years before taking time off to focus on her family. In 2013, Tanya was introduced to the Peace of Mind program as a volunteer. She immediately fell in love with this critical initiative and saw the positive impact that it had on the participants. In July 2016, Tanya began working full time for the organization.