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First off, on behalf of the Anbar family, I’d like to thank you and POM for introducing us to a group of 22 of the finest people

we have met in a long time. We had the honour of hosting 2 of these men and it was our absolute pleasure to meet them.

On a personal level I had the chance to connect with Yossi and DuDu and felt as though we were family or at the very least, best friends of 20 years. As the very short week went by, I could see that they were both engaging in a different battle than the ones they were trained for. A battle to heal emotionally and mentally. A battle to create a bright future for them and their families. This will prove to be a long and tough battle, but it was one that they were winning daily and will inevitably win forever. I can honestly say that they both taught me a strong lesson in humility and perseverance. They helped recalibrate my focus on the beauty of being a proud Jew, and they did this all without a word. Just a strong hug and a smile.

Our family shares a special bond with soldiers as my Father’s brother paid the ultimate price in defense of our fragile nation in June of 1967. Having those 2 brave soldiers stay at my parents home brought back a lot of good memories of the hero he was and more so it allowed us all to see that there are heroes who are still willing to put it all on the line to protect us Jews all over the world.

The POM initiative is ESSENTIAL and should be supported by every Jew worldwide.

There should be NO hesitation to support these soldiers who stand as the buffer between us, and terrorist who want ALL of us DEAD! ALL meaning, Ashkenazi Sephardic Reform Conservative and Orthodox men women and children everywhere!

My eyes have been opened wide thanks to Yossi, DuDu, Linoy, and the whole POM organization.

I will conclude this letter with a bracha that Hashem will protect our soldiers from all threats both physical and mental.

May he watch over the new recruits and those in Millouim, day and night.

Thank You,

Ely Anbar


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