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June 6, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Peace of Mind

When I was first became aware of the Peace of Mind (POM) program, I knew right away that I wanted to get involved. Here was an opportunity to lend support to Israeli soldiers who so valiantly defended Israel and continue to do so. My small contribution of hosting a couple of soldiers would only be a slight imposition on my life for a week but, would impact the soldiers in a great way.

The anticipation of meeting the soldiers soon became love at first sight. The soldiers were so appreciative of the opportunity and it was a pleasure being in their company. What I thought might be an imposition became a welcome visit. My family and I eagerly awaited the soldiers at the end of the day so we could share stories of how our days had passed. The transition from guest to family had been solidified.

As the week passed, we noticed something quite remarkable amongst the soldiers. It was plain to see how the therapy had penetrated and impacted them - from the initial days of pained faces and tears in their reddened eyes to more lighthearted, smiling, relaxed men. It meant so much to us to offer nothing more than shelter and to get so much in return.

The soldiers were surprised to hear from their Canadian hosts how we regard them as heroes. Hearing how much we appreciate their actions, gave many of them renewed energy and strength. Being with the soldiers and witnessing the results of the POM program, gave us more determination in spreading the word on the worthiness of this cause.

I cannot stress strongly enough to anyone hesitating to become involved in POM, that this is an experience that will not soon be forgotten and will have lasting impact in your lives.

Klara Zaza and Family


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