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Two months before the flight I got a stressful phone call from one of my team members who said

"Raz, I'm really sorry but the flight falls a week before the wedding and we are landing three days

before the wedding."

I did not know how to get the message. On the one hand, I knew I could not fly and leave my future

wife on her own a week before the wedding and on the other hand, I felt deep down inside that I

had to go for our marriage, for our future.

Fortunately inner feelings of admiration combined full support from my wife finally led me to the


This journey was different, not what we trained as fighters so far, for me the word "journey"

integrated directly to the question "How many miles?", So accustomed us to think and act with your

legs and not with the heart.

But slowly you discover that this trip did not involve physical effort at all, but dealing with emotions

and feelings if you ask me what is easier? Means physical effort without thinking twice.

Her intuition led me to the decision to go on an agitation was accompanied not be explained, an

endless game of intense dealing with your feelings. One moment tremendous excitement for the

flight with my dear and then a second grave concern and questions about how this week affect me.

I struggled in the past with fear and often met in person in the military service, but this time the fear

is different, is not instantaneous, but takes you all week and next to him shaking and excitement like

no other when you hear what is on their friend's arms, when you hear their fears and trembling

voices. Climax comes when it is your turn to speak in front of everyone and suddenly it lands on you,

unannounced like dealing face to face to face what you have hidden deep down inside, what you

have hidden there for years, what you were afraid to say out loud to no one would hear.

Only after you finish talking and get in your heart you know what you get quest, repression and

burial of emotions over the years have made me seal the environment, just can not contain more.

This emotional callousness I learned, affected my daily life without me even aware that not because

of bad intentions but because I was just scared to deal with the emotions so I just passed them on to

me, I did not let them touch me. To tell the truth, there is no magic solution to this, but with the end

of the journey of POM in my life I started a new journey, a journey shared with my dear wife, a

journey of a double partnership, partnership, friendly and most importantly emotional partnership.

The journey taught me not to repress or bury my feelings but to deal with them, I learned that I am

not alone in feelings and concerns and most importantly, I feel! And I thank from the bottom of my

heart for the possibility of living as a couple more peaceful and relaxed.

This gift I received in middle life I will never forget,

The eternal love that you get from those around you,

The right to know the wonderful people that opportunity just want to thank you,

And of course, the right to enter a family's life without any prior familiarity gives you the feeling that

you are part of the family, is there anything you need t o call for support and a loving hug!

Thank you very much!

Raz Hemo.


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